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Jessica Berrian

Licensed Massage Therapist

 Massage Therapy is a practice where the receiver has time to love themselves, deep breathe into tight areas of the body that need release and discover what it means to be "in the now".  For me, the Practitioner, Massage Therapy is a place for human connection and healing.  We hold on to so much and I love being able to help facilitate release, comfort and growth within my clients physical bodies and minds.

  When I receive massage, I am always in the present moment, breathing, listening to what my body is telling me, most always saying “let go”. This euphoric feeling of physical and mental release that I experience is what I wish to bring to my clients'. Our bodies are our vessels for communication and transportation in this world.  We must respect them and treat them with kindness, admiration and care. We often times hold trauma, sadness, stress and anxiety in our muscle tissue which causes unwanted pain and suffering in our bodies.  

  Through massage, we can experience freedom, connection and body/mind awareness through breath, silence and touch.  

  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Pre-natal Massage. Each session is custom and tailored to the clients' specific desires and needs for that day, which we talk about before each session.

  My goal is to bring balance, awareness, release and restoration, both mental and physical, to the body and mind so that each individual leaves feeling rejuvenated, healed and refreshed!



Aromatherapy Massage

I have received several massages from Jess, some for specific issues and some for maintenance, all with great results. She is very intuitive and communicative and guides her approach based on what my body needs. Her ability to tune into anything that needs attention is remarkable and perhaps a little magical!

Charlie S.


Jessica has been my Massage Therapist for pre-existing injuries. She does a fantastic job catering to my specific needs.  Her knowledge of the body and intuitive touch make for a spectacular massage that relieve all pain and tension.

Everett N.

By far my most favorite massage therapist.  Jess is very in tune and is always able to address my needs.  She is very knowledgable, friendly and talented and every session I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and pain free.  It is always a treat to receive a massage from Jess.  Don't let her size fool you, she has some of the strongest hands I've ever experienced!

Stacy J


(802) 371-7002

Mad River Valley Health Center, 859 Old County Road, VT

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